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SUMMER CAMP: Camp is open to students ages 6-15 who LOVE art as much as we do. Art Gristers should be excited about spending an entire day learning about art, practicing techniques & producing something that shows their personal perspective. Each week offers a new side of creativity and inspiration. And each day offers students the opportunity to work both independently and with a group in order to develop as an artist.

The Art Grist will serve as a platform for artistic growth and expression within Los Angeles. It will emphasize the development of strong technical skills and the freedom of personal choice in courses provided to children, adults and professional artists. Special events, gatherings and projects produced by the Art Grist will allow for growth and collaboration between artists and professionals in creative fields. What will set the Art Grist apart is its commitment to quality, current art-world relevance, and multi-generational learning.


Heather Newlin loves black and white screwball comedies staring Katherine Hepburn or Cary Grant, depressing Russian literature, rooms with big windows, really old cemeteries and Kristin’s raspberry squares. She does not love pretension, condescension, or beautiful dresses that are too small in the arm pits. She is allergic to Nicolas Cage.

Kristin Gunnarson loves floating in clear Caribbean water under puffy clouded skies, strong black tea, debaucherous autobiographies and her “carny” roots. She and Heather share a mutual appreciation of taxidermy in all forms. She does not love mean-spiritedness or chopping onions.


Heather and Kristin met while working at a charter school. At the time, Heather was teaching Visual Arts and Dance, while Kristin taught with the after school program. As they watched an empty Summer rapidly approaching, they decided to start up an Arts camp in 2009. And although they worked 18 hour days to make it happen, they felt pretty darn good about the whole thing. Kids were making interesting things, they hung out in the park all day, they ate chilli from The Trails Cafe – all good.

For four years the ladies camped during their Summer breaks. Each year, challenging themselves to make the best possible art outside, without electricity, and with only that which they could carry into the park. They taught a lot. They learned a lot. And they frequently brought up an alternate reality where they did this sort of thing all year round.

Until the day where they found themselves out of that charter school they both had devoted so much time to in 2012. Suddenly, that alternate reality became a dream, and the dream became a mission statement, and the mission statement became a business plan with projections and forecasts and such.

And that brings us to this point in the story… the point where the ladies live out that mission statement and build something different.